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What is the South Sound Business Summit?

WHAT IS THE EVENT?: Created in 2015, The South Sound Business Summit’s purpose is to support the South Puget Sound’s (South King, Pierce and Thurston County) businesses through an educational event that inspires and connects the community.

WHY DOES THIS EVENT EXIST?:  We believe that the local business community needs a place to learn from other business owner’s success and failures, marketing techniques and other ways to grow and expand your business.  We do this to give back, not to make a profit, so that everyone can succeed in business.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND?:  Business leaders, managers and entrepreneurs looking to make the most of their business, employees and profitability. Businesses with large or small revenue should attend; the topics help all businesses regardless of size.

2021 Summit by Email
One of five speakers, Doug Hudak of BAM Design
2020 Virtual Summit with Mike Michalowicz
Congressman Denny Heck
SBA Regional Administrator Jeremy Field
2019 Summit
2018 Summit

Thank you so much to our generous sponsors for 2021 Summit!

Timberland Bank
Paul T Long- Trusted Business Lender for the South Sound
South Sound Business Magazine

What do attendees have to say about the Summit?

This is the first year going and it was a very good use of time. I cannot wait for next year…a few of the speakers spoke to my heart…

Makieda- Colonial Life

As a landlord for commercial tenants, I have an interest in these business owners succeeding. Based on the speakers and the organization of the event, as well as the reputation of the previous summits, I offered to buy tickets to several of our tenants who I thought were serious about growing or improving their businesses.

Josh- Bodine Enterprises

Best Event I have been to this year. The team did an amazing job and so informative. 

Jesse D

Great Value for the time and money investment

Kathy- At Your Service Plumbing

Very valuable information- highly recommend or all business owners


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This is a crowdfunded event and is not run by any business or entity.

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