UPDATE: 2020 South Sound Business Summit

It looks like the virus is not improving. With that said, we unfortunately will not be meeting in person this year. However, we are excited to be moving this event to an online event for this year. This was a hard decision to make, but an important one to make sure that everyone stays safe.

The GOOD NEWS is that all three speakers have agreed to video their presentation specifically for us. We also have developed an online expo which allows members to learn more about your business/organization.  I also believe that being able to be flexible and review the videos at your leisure creates more flexibility, no one likes waking up early!

All who are registered for the summit will receive emails by May 5, 2020 with the link and password to access the online summit. The link and videos will be available for 6 months. 

All profits will continue to support the Washington State Small Business Development Center. We know that business owners are flexible and we appreciate your support!

2020 South Sound Business Summit Benefactor Announcement

It is with great pleasure that I announce our 2020 South Sound Small Business Benefactor- Washington State SBDC.

The Washington State Small Business Development Center will receive 100% of profits from the 2020 event. Learn more about SBDC below.


The Washington Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is a network of more than 30 expert business advisors working in communities across the state to help entrepreneurs or small business owners start, grow or buy/sell a business.

SBDC advisors provide one-on-one, confidential, no-cost advising on all phases of small business development and are often co-located with economic development specialists in community colleges, economic development agencies or government agencies. Other services of the Washington SBDC include no-cost or low-cost workshops on a variety of business topics and customized market research services.

The Washington SBDC, a member of the national America’s SBDC program, is governed by a cooperative agreement between Washington State University, which is the statewide host of the program, and the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).


Helping Washington businesses grow and succeed through advising, education and research.


To be Washington’s world-class business advising service.


Innovation – We educate and empower businesses to develop creative solutions, data driven decisions and best practices.

Integrity – We embrace responsible stewardship of public resources and serve the best interest of Washington businesses.

Collaboration – We cultivate partnerships to ensure entrepreneurs have the resources and tools to thrive.

2019 Benefactor Check Presentation- The Alliance of Women Owned Businesses

On behalf of the 180 attendees and the many great speakers and sponsors. It was an honor to present the Alliance of Women Owned Businesses a check for $ 2,592.83. Thank you for what you do in the community!

The Alliance of Women Owned Businesses  is a community of women who share the experience of owning their own businesses. Our mission is to empower women to achieve higher levels of business success. We do this by providing year-round programming focused on education, inspiration and information that is of interest to women business owners. AWOB is a volunteer-run organization that has come a long way in a short amount of time. We are proud to offer a powerful lineup of programs and opportunities for entrepreneurial women to connect with each other and learn together. We believe there is nothing quite like the experience you get from AWOB in the South and West Puget Sound.

2019 Summit Speaker Announcement

Each year the topics are chosen by the previous years attendees. We are pleased to announce our three 2019 Summit Speakers based on your requests!




By Margo Myers, Margo Myers Communications

What kind of impression do you make on others? What do you want to be known for? In this eye-opening workshop or keynote, audience members will:

  • Learn how to pro-actively communicate their strengths and values with every move they make.
  • Discover how to harness the power of a personal brand and how to let others know what they do best.
  • Get inspired to build ‘brand equity’ to propel their path up the career ladder, starting today.

Who is Margo Myers?

Executive and Career Transition Coach Margo Myers coaches high achievers who are frustrated with the speed of their career advancement, and are ready to do what
it takes to get promoted and take their place as leaders making big impact.

From managers and directors aiming for the C-suite, and executives who’ve reached the corner office and need a trusted advisor and sounding board, her clients rediscover their mojo, move up the career ladder after being stuck for too long, or discover an entirely new path to bring about more joy, fulfillment, and career and life

She brings an empathetic presence and active listening skills to client sessions to inspire actions that lead to big results. Her zone of genius includes communication and presentation skills, executive presence, and media training.

After investing more than 20 years as an award-winning TV news anchor at KOMO TV and KIRO TV in Seattle, Margo earned mastery in asking powerful questions to zero in on the most relevant answers to tell a compelling story. Now she asks powerful questions of her coaching clients to help them express their biggest dreams, uncover what’s holding them back, and create plans so they land their dream jobs, earn their next promotions, and make more money.

Margo’s natural curiosity has prompted her to jump out of an airplane, cover the downfall of General Manuel Noriega in Panama with US Army troops, fly with the Blue Angels, and learn how to scuba dive. Now she uses her curiosity to help clients uncover personal roadblocks, play to their strengths and identify strategies to get them promoted.




By Travis Daigle, Character Development Coach

Work is a very logical process. There’s a task that needs completion and someone gives time and energy to complete that task. The question is: Are they passionate about what they do?

Many people say that chasing your passion is foolish. Our brains are hard-wired to pursue pleasure, avoid pain, and conserve energy. However, chasing your passion is often painful and requires massive amounts of time/energy for what can seem to be little pay off. Our biology is diametrically opposed to the difficulty of this process and our culture sees failure as something to be avoided like the plague. To even know what we are passionate about can involve a series of painful failures… let alone trying to monetize that passion. The irony of life is that it is these low moments that reveal our greatest strengths, if we choose humility and reflection… If we understand failure as a necessary means to success.

Who is Travis Daigle?

Travis Daigle teaches Character Development. His philosophy is anchored in personal experiences that include overcoming childhood obesity, paying off $60K of debt, studying/working as an Electrical Engineer, and becoming a Special Forces Medic and Combat Veteran.

Life has taught Travis that pain, difficulty, and challenge are inevitable components of the human existence. The person we become in the midst of these things, is a choice. He makes it his mission to help as many people as possible choose positive personal growth as an outcome from the challenges of life.




By Bryan Reynolds, Owner Anthem Coffee and Wine Bar

Building a healthy team culture within your business or organization doesn’t happen by accident. It happens daily, and it’s driven by clear mission, and intentional investments in the people around you. In Bryan’s talk, he’ll walk you through the process he has undergone in building a healthy team culture within ANTHEM Coffee. He’ll unpack the early years and leadership failures he’s experienced, and guide you towards practical changes, that you can make in your business or organization today, that will promote and inspire a healthy team culture of your own.

Who is Bryan Reynolds?

Bryan is a highly relational and energetic guy. He’s a team builder, visionary leader and has a great ability for brand design and team culture creation.

Over the last 12 years, Bryan and his family have built 3 businesses (Anthem Coffee & Tea with 6 locations, Elements Frozen Yogurt, and Caramels Inc.) in the South Puget Sound area of Washington State.  They continue to reach new customers everyday by providing Heroic Hospitality.

Bryan is also a business success coach. Nothing gets him out of bed faster than getting the opportunity to help unlock full potential in other people.  He’s an out of the box thinker and he loves exercising creativity in problem solving in order to reach as many people as possible through his businesses!

To recharge, Bryan loves to play golf and discover new craft beer.  Bryan is married to his junior high sweetheart Alicia and they have 3 boys, Jaxon (12), Asher (9), and Chapman (7).