2023 South Sound Business Summit

Keynote Speaker:

The 13 principles Ivar’s uses to manage itself, and how Ivar’s has survived corona

Bob Donegan, CEO Ivar’s Seafood

Bob Donegan helps manage Ivar’s from its headquarters on Seattle’s waterfront.  This is the company’s 85th year I business with stores throughout Puget Sound.  He joined Ivar’s in 1997 and became President on the death of one of his partners on 911.

In addition to Ivar’s, Bob volunteers with the Seattle Aquarium, The Historic Waterfront Association, the Seattle Chamber of Commerce, the Seattle Sports Commission, the Chief Seattle Council of the Boy Scouts, and the Seattle branch of the San Francisco Federal Reserve bank.

Bob and his wife live in Richmond Beach just north of Seattle.

Ride or Die – Following Your Passion!

Nancy Giacolone, Owner Olympic Crest Insurance

Ride or Die” is a catchy title, but what does that mean?  I think most of us want to “ride” into or pursue our vision, because when we don’t there is a little piece of us and our dreams that “die.”  I will share some steps to help you ride into your own vision.

Nancy is the founder of Olympic Crest Insurance, a boutique benefits consulting agency. She also is the host of the popular podcast “Recipe for Success.”

In addition, she has been recognized multiple times within her industry, the most recent being the “Lifetime Achievement Award” for leadership & excellence in the benefits industry at the YouPowered Symposium.  She is also a 2023 finalist for the BenefitsPro Broker of the Year.

She loves to use her life lessons and passion for helping others through speaking, mentorship and coaching.  When not wearing her many work hats, she loves to cook, spend time with her family and 3 dogs. 

Why Don’t My Employees ‘Get It’?

Brian Harding, Not a coach. A proven growth and employee problem solver

One of the most frustrating things for business owners and leaders is feeling like their employees just don’t “get it”. We regularly explain to our team what is needed to take care of our customers, and yet we still frequently find ourselves dealing with the consequences from missing the mark. Brian Harding shares some of the most common reasons this happens and provides solutions we can put in place to stop this from happening.

Brian Harding is an author, professional keynote speaker, podcaster, and business consultant for entrepreneurs in service industries who want to build a business that can run without them. He has more than 15 years’ experience owning and operating a service-based business, and more than 25 years’ experience managing employees. Brian is a leading authority on developing and improving proven, practical service business strategies and processes, and uses his experience to guide his clients to attaining the freedom they want from their business, as well as discovering the peace of mind which results from empowering their employees to make sound decisions. Brian and his wife Stacy primarily live in Anthem Arizona, where they enjoy spending most of their time outdoors, enjoying the warm weather.

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