2021 Interview Topics


The 2021 South Sound Business Summit is proud to announce this year’s interview line up!

Monday–7 Content Creation Hacks- For your website and social media – Valarie Harris

TuesdayThe Government is sitting on Millions- Where to get grants and loans during this crazy time Paul Long

WednesdayDISTANCE THIS! Social Distancing Marketing Strategies – Doug Hudak

ThursdaySurviving the Pandemic:  Overcoming COVID’s Mental Impact on Your Business – Dr. Michael Brouillette

Friday10x Your Productivity in 3 Days or Less – Jillian Flodstrom


7 Content Creation Hacks- For your website and social media

Valarie Harris

Owner/Creative Designer- Varris Marketing Group

Business owners are busy working on their business. When you start working on your social media that number 1 thing experts hear is “how do I make content?” Valarie Harris of Varris Marketing is a local social media expert and will help you with this question as well as how to make your social media pop during this time where everything is online. 

 About Valarie…

Valarie Harris is owner and Brand/ Marketing Coach at Varris Marketing.  She is a Certified Business, Branding and Marketing Coach and has been in the marketing field for 30+ years.  Valarie started her own marketing company 9 years ago because she saw a need in my community to help businesses create more visibility and engagement.

Her passion and purpose is to motivate, inspire and share with business owners and entrepreneurs, business and marketing growth techniques, but do so in a creative and fun way.

The Government is sitting on Millions-Where to get grants and loans during this crazy time

Paul T Long

Senior Vice President Business Banking & SBA Lending

In this interview by Brian Harding, Owner of Successful Concepts Consulting, Paul Long of Timberland Bank will share with you the secret funds that are available through Local, State and National entities as well as some lending programs that are aimed to help businesses. 

 About Paul….

Paul Long is Senior Vice President of Business Banking & SBA Lending at Timberland Bank. Paul is known in the industry as Open, Approachable, Transparent, and Credible with over 22 years in the industry.

From starting as a Teller at the age of 16, Paul was promoted to a branch manager at the age 18, managed a cluster of bank branches at the age of 21 and found his passion working with business owners at the age of 25. Since working in business banking, Paul finds himself enjoying the educational part of helping business owners understand how banks work, strategies to grow a business successfully and how to market your business.

Over Paul’s career he has built multiple banks small business banking divisions, recently creating an SBA division, written countless published articles about small business banking/lending and has funded well over 3000 business loans over his career.


DISTANCE THIS!- Social Distancing Marketing Strategies

Doug Hudak

Owner & Designer- BAM Design

COVID 19 has given some business more time to work ON their business. During this interview, Doug will talk about some of the ways that you can update your business image, creative ways to prospect and market your business.

About Doug…

Doug is a high energy, out of the box thinker, creative graphic designer who lives and works in the community he grew up in. Doug enjoys helping businesses look as successful as they are and help them to attract new clients with kick ass Branding, Advertising and Marketing materials.

Surviving the Pandemic:  Overcoming COVID’s Mental Impact on Your Business 

Dr. Michael Brouillette

Owner & Therapist

“I can’t take it anymore” is a saying that you and your employees have said a few times over the last year. Dr. Michael Brouillette a local Therapist will give you some tips on how to take care of mental health using specific techniques to keep you and your employees minds sharp which can help your business bottom line.

About Michael…

Dr. Michael Brouillette (pronounced Brew-let) is a retired Lieutenant Colonel who transitioned to education and mental health after a thirty-year career in the Army.  He is the owner of Balanced Counseling and Hypnosis Center located at The Marston Center in Lacey, WA.  He is also the Senior Academic Advisor and past adjunct faculty at Brandman University in Lacey.  Michael is a graduate of Leadership Thurston County Class of 2019 and has been a member of the Thurston County Chamber of Commerce Business and Education Network since 2007.  He is the author of Changing Lives with Multilife Therapy:  Getting the Most Out of Every Life You Live (2014), and is about to complete his Doctorate of Education in Organizational Leadership.  In his spare time he is training to compete at the National Senior Games as a high jumper.


10x Your Productivity in 3 Days or Less

Jillian Flodstrom

Small Business Strategist |  Speaker  |  Entrepreneur

Discover the 3 things multiple seven figure entrepreneur Jillian Flodstrom teaches her clients to 10x their productivity and impact in a digital, work-from-home environment.

About Jillian…

As a seven-figure entrepreneur Jillian has created, launched, and built five different businesses in three different industries.

As the founder of FND Insurance & Financial Services, LLC, her current business, is one of the elite few that was chosen in all of the state of Washington to be the preferred provider by the Washington Health Benefit Exchange and has been featured regularly in the media.

From forensic biologist to health insurance broker and entrepreneur to international business owner, Jillian Flodstrom is a specialist in helping her clients mitigate the feelings of overwhelm, chaos, and confusion when it comes to leading and growing their businesses. She is the host of the Scale Your Small Business podcast and frequently does presentations for small business organizations as well as being on the board of directors of a national nonprofit dedicated to raising funds to support people living with life threatening health conditions.

With a relentless passion for efficiency, organization, and strategic planning Jillian has dedicated her time and her business to helping and inspiring small business owners to become more productive, more aligned and more in control of their future.


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